The Freedom Journal

JLD, of EOFire loves helping entrepreneurs reach their highest potential by providing unique insights through his wildly popular podcast EOFire.

Through his interviews he has found setting goals are paramount to success, but accomplishing them doesn't happen often enough. The journal is the tool to bridge the gap and help you accomplish those goals, and Lone Mill worked with JLD to design and build a marketing site and storefront for this valuable tool.

Create a compelling sales page with Wordpress + Shopify integration

The Freedom Journal Website


Backed by WordPress, is a custom, one-off theme designed and built specifically for the journal, while the storefront is powered by Shopify. One of our favorite features is a custom plugin we built to keep track of and display the number of journals sold using data directly from Shopify.

If you are interested in a custom WordPress site or Shopify development, contact us, we’d love to see how we can help.